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Minecraft Bunny house by DysgraphicArtist Minecraft Bunny house :icondysgraphicartist:DysgraphicArtist 0 0
When He Changed
The game ends with a big bang, Rose and Jade dies, John gets stabbed during finishing off Bec Noir and you take over from there, finally ending all the pain and suffering. Of course, it is hard knowing your best bro is dying alone on the ground while you finish the battle, but you know you had to. And you do.
When you wake up, head rested on your sad excuse for a computer desk, you get spammed with messages from Rose and Jade. You answer them, telling them how kick ass you were and how you killed Bec Noir. Both of them congratulate you, but for some reason, the praise felt empty. You want it from someone else.
John isn't messaging you and that starts to worry you a bit. You decide to message him first, and find to your relief that he's still alive.
-- turntechGodhead [TG]  began pestering  ectoBiologist [EB]  at  14:29 –
TG: egderp
TG: howre you feeling?
EB: i'm doing ok. you?
TG: im fine
TG: we finished the game
EB: i know. :)
TG: its over
:icondysgraphicartist:DysgraphicArtist 27 24
Six Years
Your name is John Egbert and today is your birthday, however, right now, you are more relieved than ever. You're sitting back at your desk, tears leaking from your eyes. It's over. Thank god it's over.
Your dad comes in and you are so glad to see him. You jump up, hugging him tightly and causing the man to drop the plate of cake he had on the floor. You honestly could care less, your dad is alive. He's alive, that means all of this was a terrible nightmare. It's over, the nightmare, the game, is finally over.
Except it's not.
You figure this out when you get online, messaging your buddies who went through hell with you. Jade is online and you greet her, talking over what happened. You're glad she's ok. She's glad you are too and you two joke a bit while you wait for the other two kids you played with to get on.
But they don't. Eventually, it gets late. You say goodnight to Jade and go to bed. You barely sleep, the images of the game haunting you. When you close your eyes, you see him d
:icondysgraphicartist:DysgraphicArtist 29 33
All cool kids have nightmares. This statement most certainly did not exclude you, little 3 year old Dave Strider as your red eyes snap open. You sit up in your toddler bed and fought back tears. All cool kids had nightmares, but they definitely didn't cry over nightmares.
The dark seemed to be more intense, and you grab a weird ass puppet that your bro gave you to help with the terrors lurking around at night. Your window creaks with wind. The trees cast arms and hands on your floor, stretching out to grab you and drag you back to their mouths to gobble you up.
Feet covered with pjs hit the floor and you, the cool toddler you are, reach over and put on your fucking awesome shades. Can't forget the shades. You walk out of your room and down the hall, unsure if you should bother your bro. You stand there at his closed door for a while. He's probably asleep anyway.
Little do you know, your bro is still up. He's just sitting there, unable to sleep. He's just sitting there and thinki
:icondysgraphicartist:DysgraphicArtist 77 21
Mature content
It's not luck :icondysgraphicartist:DysgraphicArtist 6 23


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And I'm still truckin on. Still going. This isn't going to kill me, I won't let it.


Danni (Dee)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello my lovelies, my name is Danielle. You can call me Danni, Dani, Dee or what ever you want. <3 I'm almost 18 and I'm a survivor. I have severe depression and anxiety disorders and I struggle with trust but I'm getting better (or so I hope). Don't go and spew a bunch of crap about a god or something, I don't believe in that crap.

But I'm going to make it. I promise. And I'm writing this to remind me that I can do this. I can make it because I'm worth it.

But I'm scared and lonely. If I appear... well talkative to you in comments, it's because I'm looking for a friend. You see, I have lost so many but I have to move on. They're not coming back.

Anyway, feel free to bug the shit out of me <3


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